Tisserand Pure Essential Oils Basil 9ML

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Basil in its original form is most renowned for its inclusion in Italian cooking. However, this sweet, fresh herb has beneficial properties that reach far beyond a tasty flavouring for pasta. Sweet Basil is a lush, aromatic herb which thrives in warm climates. Steam distillation is applied to the leaves of the plant to release a sweet, herbaceous essential oil. Basil oil when used in a massage or bath blend can help to ease digestive complaints. It is also said to assist with mental clarity and boost courage, ideal for a diffuser blend during times of stress or emotional strain. Due to the potential risks caused by improper use, Basil oil should only be used by professional Aromatherapists.

It’s what’s inside…
Ingredients: 100% Ocimum Basilicum Oil

More Details

  • Extraction Method: Steam distillation
  • Plant Part: Leaves
  • Aroma: Sweet, soft and herbal
  • Fragrance Family: Herbal
  • Perfumery Note: Top to Middle
  • Consistency and Colour: Thin and colourless
  • Shelf Life: Once opened, store in a cool dark place and use within 12 months.

For use only by professional aromatherapists. For external use only. Do not use undiluted on the skin. Avoid contact with sensitive areas, such as eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use essential oils on children under 5 years old. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid basil. Consult your healthcare professional before using essential oils during pregnancy. Best kept in a cool dry place. Naturally Occurring Allergens: Eugenol, Limonene, Linalool