Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser


Create the perfect ambience with the Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser, a safe way to diffuse essential oils into the air without the use of flames or heat. Perfect for scenting your home with uplifting, relaxing and harmonising scent, this clever unit diffuses essential oils through a stream of cool air, which gently circulates the fragrances safely into the atmosphere. Its minimalist design and ultrasonic aroma technology make the Aroma Spa Diffuser the ideal addition to every living or working space. The Aroma Spa Diffuser uses a vibrating mechanism with water molecules, making the water heat up and steam to start to arise. The innovative ultrasound technology then transforms the bubbles into a fine vapour that delicately scents your favourite room for 4-5 hours. A choice of two fan settings allows for greater control on the speed of the diffusion and its automatic shut-down and quiet sound makes it perfect for night time use. Add your choice of pure essential oils to the cartridge supplied. Insert the cartridge into the base of the unit, plug in and switch on.