Steiff Club Edition 2020 Felt Teddy 32cm Grey


The Steiff 2020, annual Club Edition, is the last in a series of three, to be completed from the finest wool felt and decorated with Swarovski Crystals.

Club 2020 is a 32 cm / 12.5", fully jointed bear.

He has been made from a luxurious grey wool felt, with glossy black safety eyes and a pretty, pale apricot stitched nose, which matches his satin and tuille lace, ribbon bow.

As a final touch, the twinkling outline of a dragonfly appears on his upper left chest, crafted from clear and pink, faceted Swarovski Crystals.

Being a Club bear, his production is Limited to the year 2020 and he will wear his 'button in the ear' trademark, with a white ribbon ear tag (for a Limited Edition), featuring grey print (for a club bear), to distinguish him from other Limited Edition pieces. (Red is for a new design and black, is for a replica piece).

Steiff EAN 421617