Royal Crown Derby Mother Fox 61336


Royal Crown Derby Mother Fox

The word fox comes from Old English. The Mother Fox, a vixen, dotes on her young and never leaves their side for the first three weeks of them being born, so to accompany Mother Fox we are also launching the Fox Cub. Beautifully illustrative detail in the design, Mother Fox and Cub are distinctive with their characteristic reddish coats, upright triangular ears, a pointed, slightly up turned snout, and a long bushy tail (or brush).

The Mother Fox is recognised by its distinctive bushy tail and markings of a burnt orange coat with flecks of red and 22 carat gold. A perfect accompaniment to the Fox Cub, both having detailed, colourful berries and grasses around the base. The Fox Mother characteristics are featured in the upright pointy ears with a slightly upturned snout gilded in gold.