Oppo Wraps Wrist 2181


Helps to provides comfortable and uniform compression Composed of unique extra-strength elastic and transverse nylon fibers that is long-lasting and provides heavy-duty support Wrist wrap may be pre-positioned for controlled compression Description: Oppo Support Wrist Wrap helps to provide comfortable and uniform compression over affected wrist. The wrist wrap is composed of unique extra-strength elastic and transverse nylon fibers for long-lasting, heavy-duty support. Direction of Use: Simply wear the wrap by inserting hand into the starter loop Pull the wrap right through the wrist Wrap the support and secure the hook closure for best fit Side Effects and Precautions: In case itching or irritation occur, avoid using the product for longer time and use it in intervals People allergic to ingredients used to compose the fabric of wrist wrap, do not use the support Do not use the product over wounded of highly infected skin type Ingredients: 73% Nylon 13% Rayon 8% Polyester 6% Rubber Each Pack Contains: One Size Oppo Support Wrist Wrap Storage: Keep the wrist in cool and dry place at normal room temperature Store away from moisture prone area.