Oppo Tennis Elbow Brace With Strap 1080 Large


Product featured with circular pad for extra pressure on muscle in the arm or in the wrist Provides support to the elbow region in conjunction Featured with adjustable compressive strap Description: Product Oppo Support Tennis Elbow Brace Large featured with circular pad helps to relieve extra pressure on the muscle in the arm or wrist. This product is known for full support of elbow region in conjunction along with reducing of the insertion of the extensor carpi radialis tendon. This product featured with adjustable compressive strap lowers tension in wrist and finger extensors during gripping. Direction of Use: Insert hand into the brace and pull support right up to the elbow Simply position circular pad on the extensor or flexor muscle Secure the hook and loop strap to desired compression Side Effects and Precautions: If you are not comfortable wearing the elbow brace support, you can take the support out for some time and wear again later In case you are allergic to any of the ingredient in the fabric of support, avoid using the support Ingredients: Measure around the elbow joint, L size: 28.3-30.8cm (11 1/8-12 1/8") 70% Neoprene 15% Nylon 15% Cotton Each Pack Contains: Large Oppo Support Tennis Elbow Brace Storage: Store the support in cool and dry place away from moisture prone area Avoid storing near naked flames.