Oppo Knee Supports Closed 1022 Small


Provides compression for weak or overstressed knees Works by retaining body heat that warm knee joint and enhances blood circulation Ideal to use for post-operative knee problems, strains and arthritis Helps to lessen potential for getting future injuries Description: Product Oppo Knee Support Closed Small known for providing compression for weak and overstressed knees. It also helps to retain body heat to warm knee joint and increase blood circulation. Highly helpful product for post-operative knee problems, strains and arthritis like condition. It is also known for lowering potential for future injuries. Direction of Use: Hold top of the support with both hands (one on each side) Insert affected foot into the support and pull the support right up to the knee Side Effects and Precautions: In case you are allergic to any of the ingredient in the fabric of support, do not use this product People may come across conditions like irritation, rashes or other reactions, stop using product for longer and wear it in intervals Ingredients: Measure around the mid-section of the knee, while in a standing position, S size: 33.7-35.9cm (13 1/4-14 1/8") 70% Neoprene 15% Nylon 15% Cotton Each Pack Contains: Small Oppo Knee Support Closed Storage: Store the knee support in cool and dry place Keep it below 25°C temperature, away from moisture prone area.