Oppo Foot Care Silicon Elastmax Heel 5451 N2


Elastmax heel relieves pressure and pain on most sensitive area of the plantar fascia Featured with wedge-shaped heel cushions that helps to reduce strain on Achilles tendon Product aids correct body alignment and allows heel stability Description: Predict Oppo Elastmax Heel N2 composed of extra soft green gel helps to take out the pressure and pain on the most sensitive area of the plantar fascia. Wedge-shaped heel cushions reduce strain on Achilles tendon. Elastmax heel also helps to correct body alignment that further provides good heel stability. Direction of Use: Carefully place a heel cushions under rear of foot You can wear the product throughout the day Side Effects and Precautions: People allergic or sensitive to silicone, should not use this product In case you are not comfortable wearing silicone heel, take the product out for a while Ingredients: Size N2: 5 - 6 ½ Silicone Each Pack Contains: N2 of Oppo Elastmax Heel Storage: Avoid storing the product in moisture prone area Do not store near reach of direct sunlight or above 30°C temperate.