Oppo Foot Care Metatarsal Insole 5405 N3


Insole with raised metatarsal pads, supports transverse arch Insole also helps to redistribute pressure on forefoot area Featured Slim design of insole comforts high-heel shoes Description: This Oppo Metatarsal Insole N3 product is featured with raised metatarsal pads, which help to support transverse arch and help redistribute pressure on forefoot area. Insole is slim design so as to fit comfortably in high-heel shoes. Direction of Use: Get insole fit comfortably in shoes Wear the product throughout the day Side Effects and Precautions: People that are allergic to ingredient in the insole, should carefully use this insole If you come across reactions and rashes, use the insole out for some time and wear again later Ingredients: N3: 1 - 3 ½ Silicone Each Pack Contains: One pair of N3 Oppo Metatarsal Insole Storage: Store the silicone insole in cool and dry place Avoid keeping it near reach of direct sunlight or naked flames.