Oppo Elbow Support 1085 Medium


Support helps to provide full support to elbow region in conjunction It provides support and protection while performing activities that require extensive elbow motion Product helps to reduce pain from tendonitis and bursitis It can be used to relieve weak elbow, elbow strain/ sprain and olecranon bursitis Description: Product Oppo Support Elbow Medium helps to provide complete support of elbow region in conjunction with lowering the insertion of the extensor carpi radialis tendon. This elbow support provides protection while performing activities that require extensive elbow motion. The supporter aids reduction of pain from tendonitis and bursitis. Direction of Use: Wear the support by inserting hand into the support Simply pull the support right up to the elbow for best and comfortable fit Side Effects and Precautions: If at all you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in fabric of the product, do not wear the elbow support at all Conditions like irritation or rashes may come across, however, in such cases wear the support in intervals and not continuously Ingredients: Measure around the elbow joint, M size: 25.7-28.3cm (10 1/8-11 1/8") 70% Neoprene 15% Nylon 15% Cotton Each Pack Contains: Medium Oppo Support Elbow Storage: Keep the elbow support in cool and dry place Do not store near reach of moisture prone area Avoid keeping the product above 25°C temperature.