Oppo Biomagnetic Ankle 2601 XL

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Product helps to reduce swelling and stiffness Relieves muscle weakness Helps to work on mild ankle instability Sewn-in magnets positioned over acu-points along ankle for the cause Description: Oppo Support Biomagnetic Ankle Extra Large product helps to reduce swelling and stiffness. The sewn-in magnets positioned over acu-points product along the ankle. This product is EX Large for optimal use. Direction of Use: Gently insert foot into ankle support Pull up the supporter to the ankle Be sure magnets are on either side of the ankle while wearing it Side Effects and Precautions: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product do not use it Avoid using if you come across any reactions like rashes or irritation Do not overuse the product Ingredients: Size: 31.1-36.2cm (12 ¼ -14 ¼ ") 35% Cotton 35% Nylon 20% Rubber 10% Spandex Each Pack Contains: Extra-large Oppo Support Biomagnetic Ankle Storage: Keep the product in cool and dry place Store away from reach of direct sunlight.