Oppo Biomagnetic Ankle 2601 Sml

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Swelling and stiffness is reduced in ankle Muscle weakness are relieved Mild ankle instability s worked on Featured product with sewn-in magnets positioned over acu-points along ankle Description: The Oppo Support Biomagnetic Ankle Small product mainly helps to reduce swelling and stiffness. Specially featured sewn-in magnets are positioned over acu-points product along the ankle. This product is S size for optimal use of the ankle issues. Direction of Use: Insert your affected foot into this ankle support Pull the supporter up to the ankle Make sure that the magnets are placed on either side of the ankle Side Effects and Precautions: Do not use it if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in it Avoid wearing it for longer time than prescribed In case you come across any irritation or rashes like effects, do not use the product Ingredients: Size: 15.6-21.0cm (6 1/8 -8 ¼ ") 35% Cotton 35% Nylon 20% Rubber 10% Spandex Each Pack Contains: Small Oppo Support Biomagnetic Ankle Storage: Storing the product is easy as it has to be stored at normal room temperature Avid keeping it near reach of direct sunlight.