Oppo Ankle With Velcro 1004 XL


With open toe and heel design supporter allows full range of movement Pain due to strains or stiffness can be relieved with this product Ankle supporter provides compression for weak or overstressed ankles Designed with adjustable hook and loop fasteners that helps to insure comfortable fit and stabilizations during activities Ankle can be healed faster following injury with this supporter Description: Oppo Support Ankle + Velcora Extra Large product designed with open toe and heel design allows full range of movement. Product is trusted for relieving pain due to strains or stiffness. Product also provides compression for weak or overstressed ankles. Adjustable hook and loop of the supporter should be fastened for insuring comfortable fit and stabilizations during activities. Direction of Use: Loosen the straps for inserting foot into the support With position of heel in the heel locking area secure the supporter For securing, close upper two hook to desired compression for perfect fit Side Effects and Precautions: In case you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the supporter, do not use it Irritation or rashes like conditions may occur, that may need special attention If you are uncomfortable using the supporter for longer time, do not use the supporter continuously but can wear it at intervals Ingredients: Measure circumference just above ankle bone, XL size: 30.8-35.9cm (12 1/8-14 1/8") 70% Neoprene 15% Cotton 15% Nylon Each Pack Contains: Extra Large Oppo Support Ankle + Velcora Storage: Store the product in cool and dry place Store away from moisture prone area Do not keep above 25°C temperature or direct light.