Oppo Ankle With Velcro 1004 Large


Open toe and heel allows free movements Ankle pain due to strains or stiffness is relieved by the supporter Supporter aids compression for weak or overstressed ankles Supporter heals ankle issues post injuries Description: Product Oppo Support Ankle+Velcora Large composed of open toe and heel design allows full range of movement. This large ankle supporter relieves pain due to strains or stiffness. This supporter provides compression for weak or overstressed ankles. Supporter with adjustable hook and loop of the supporter ensures comfortable fit and stabilizations while performing various activities. Direction of Use: Loosen straps before inserting foot into the support Position the heel in heel locking area Secure supporter by closure of upper two hook Apply desired compression for perfect fit Side Effects and Precautions: Conditions like irritation or rashes may occur, you need to check thoroughly with the product before using it In case you are not comfortable using supporter for longer time, avoid using it continuously and wear it in several intervals People allergic to any ingredient in fabric of the supporter should not use the product Ingredients: Measure circumference just above ankle bone, L size: 25.7-30.8cm (10 1/8-12 1/8") 70% Neoprene 15% Cotton 15% Nylon Each Pack Contains: Large Oppo Support Ankle+Velcora Storage: Keep the ankle supporter in cool and dry place Keep the product away from moisture prone area or direct reach of light Do not keep above 25°C or near naked flames.