Klorane Oat Shampoo Bar 80g


The Shampoo Bar with Organic Oats takes care of the whole family's hair, from the age of 3. Its economic, practical and portable size, equivalent to 2 bottles of 200 ml shampoo*** combines the effectiveness of a shampoo with the benefits of a conditioner. Its extra-gentle vegan* formula, soap- and sulphate-free, guarantees gentle daily cleansing. Thanks to its organically grown Oat extract, it leaves the hair clean and moisturised while making it easier to detangle. The lengths are left shiny and supple.

*No animal-derived ingredients.

***Average use based on the following calculation: 400 ml allows for 38 washes and 80 g allows for 32 washes. To be adjusted according to the length and thickness of the hair.