Klorane Dry Flax Shampoo 150ml


The Dry Shampoo with Organic Flax, cleans and provides a simple, eco-designed solution for fine hair lacking in volume. Spray on dry hair to gently cleanse, and to add texture and volume between rinses. Its innovative cleansing formula combines ultra-absorbent powders of natural origin to bring freshness to the hair with Organic Flax, a highly volumising active ingredient of plant origin. In just two minutes**, the lengths are clean and fresh, and the roots are lifted with a guaranteed 8-hour volume effect*, with no cardboard effect. All with an invisible finish and a delicate powdery fragrance.

*Ex-vivo biometrological test performed on hair strands.

**Consumer test, 66 subjects for 21 days.

This product is suitable for use by those age 12 years and over.