Aberdeen Talks: The Series

Over the past few weeks at Michie’s Union Street, we have had the pleasure of hosting the ‘Aberdeen Talks’ series of workshops and lectures, spanning a range of interesting topics. This series, designed to showcase not only interesting topics but also inspiring figures, has been met with great enthusiasm and participation - and we can’t wait for the next!

Kimberlie Hamilton: The Journey of an Author

The series kicked off with an engaging talk by Kimberlie Hamilton, author of exciting books such as Rebel Cats! Brave Tales of Feisty Felines and A History of the World (According to Cats!) on her journey from Los Angeles to Aberdeen as a writer, shedding some insight into not only the publishing industry, but also the craft of storytelling. Her books The discussion both inspiring and highly engaging, resonating with aspiring writers and book lovers alike, with a great turnout to listen to Kimberlie share her personal journey to becoming a successful author. 


John Otto: Honoring Aberdeen’s Insulin Pioneer

Next, we had the privilege of hosting John Otto, who was able to offer some great insight as he shed light on the life and achievements of Aberdeen's own insulin pioneer and Nobel Prize winner, Professor JJR Macleod. John’s talk was part of his ongoing efforts to preserve and celebrate Macleod’s work, offering a particularly interesting blend of history and science, bringing to life the incredible story of Professor Macleod's contributions to medicine. Additionally, he shared exciting updates about the Macleod Memorial project, which was a heartfelt initiative to honor the legacy of this remarkable scientist. 


Willie Watt: Drawing Inspiration from Place

The last event we held was a unique blend of talk and sketching workshop by Willie Watt PPRIAS. As an architect with a deep-rooted love of drawing, Willie’s talk focussed on the concept of 'place' and its significance. Through his recent sketching project in Orkney, funded by the North Isles Landscape Partnership and supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, led participants on a journey of learning and creativity. His workshops on the island and subsequent sessions in Aberdeen City Centre encouraged attendees to explore and appreciate their surroundings through drawing. This workshop not only highlighted the beauty of Orkney but also connected it to Aberdeen's rich heritage, fostering a deeper appreciation for the local landscape.


We think ‘Aberdeen Talks’ has indeed lived up to its name (and its aim!) - getting people talking! We have loved providing the community with a series of interesting conversations so far, spanning so many different worlds: literary, scientific, historical and artistic. We look forward to continuing this tradition of inspiration and learning in future events.

Thank you to all who attended and supported Aberdeen Talks! Stay tuned for more exciting events in the future!

June 25, 2024 — Charles Michies