Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation Total Body Medium 100ML

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Vichy Dermablend Corrector Body Foundation High coverage. High resistence. Naked skin sensation. Anti-track. Body imperfections from moderate to severe: tattoos, stretch marks, varicose veins, spots, bruises, signs of scars and burns, couperose, vitiligo. Strengthens the function of the skin barrier It strengthens the skin and makes it more resistant Moisturizes and empties the skin Clinically tested efficacy under dermatological control + 21% Rimpolpata ** + 20% Morbid ** + 26% Bright ** + 26% homogeneous color ** ** Self-assessment test on 52 women, daily application for 4 weeks. TYPE OF SKIN Skinny and acne-like skin Effectiveness Ultra-Resistant, Corrosion Body Foundation DERMABLEND has a 16H * seal and resists water and sweat. Sensation of naked skin and comfort. * Self-evaluation on 50 subjects. Immediately, all skin defects - from light to pointed - are perfectly corrected. Bare skin sensation, without any signs or accumulation. Anti-track. Anti-chafing. Available in 2 shades. Application Cleanse your skin perfectly and apply your usual body treatment before doing the trick. 1 - Apply Apply a foundation nut to the body area to be corrected. 2 - Applying and stating Distribute the foundation homogeneously to the body area to be corrected. 3 - I think Spread with a quick sanding motion from top to bottom. Take 5 minutes to dry the product before dressing. Formula Tested under dermatological control. Hypoallergenic **. Not comedogenic. Waterproof. No perfume. SPF 15. Caution. Do not apply on non-healed wounds. ** Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy.