Steiff Protect Me Tami Monkey - Brown/White/Grey

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Tami Monkey is from the National Geographic Collection which highlights some of the world's endangered animals.

This Tamarin monkey is found in South America, primarily in North West Colombia, Amazon Basin and the Guianas. Their species is highly threatened due to the destruction of its habitat as a result of the deforestation of the rainforest. Because of their cute appearance, these little monkeys are also often caught and kept as pets which adds to the reason why they are on the Red List of Threatened Species and are at risk of extinction. 

Tami Monkey is made of brown plush with a grey face and long white plush mane.

She has brown airbrush detailing on her claws, ears, mouth and grey face.

Steiff Button in Ear and yellow tag

Non jointed, but has supporting rods in front legs to aid sitting.

Size 23cm

Machine washable at 30° C

Steiff EAN 062193