Roger & Gallet Soap 100G Travel Box Sandalwood

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The serene, woody aroma of sandalwood is a calming fragrance with a rich sultry character. Sandalwood is a timeless essence that is prized for its sensuality. The unique perfuming process goes right to the heart of the soap, providing it with luxurious fragrance all the way through. Roger & Gallet soaps are produced by a unique manufacturing process. They owe their incomparable fragrance to the artisan tradition and their infinite softness to the quality of their composition, which preserves all the vital functions of the skin. It comes with a handy travel box.

About Roger & Gallet

The Roger & Gallet perfumed soaps are manufactured using the traditional caldron method. With a 100% vegetal base, rich inessential oils, they provide the skin with infinite softness.

Their secret, A unique perfuming process that goes right to the heart of the soap to give it an incomparable perfume right to the end.

Wrapped in pleated silk paper and ring-sealed.