Classic Canes 4099L Slimline Extending Chelsea Peachy Pink Floral


There can't be a more appealing combination of charming looks and functionality in the niche of walking sticks than the Slimline Extending Chelsea Peachy Pink Floral walking cane. There is nothing too subtle about the design. The focus lies on making the cane universally likeable for women who like their fashion accessories to be attention grabbing without looking tacky or outrageous. This contemporary and premium walking stick is available in many varied patterns, designs and colours. Its solid aluminium shaft is lightweight yet sturdy and is extendible from 26.5 inches to 35.5 inches. This is done in easy increments of 1 inch at a time, ensuring the adjustment is easy and gives the user more control over this manipulation. Its handle can be extended as per need and its slim and slender built is comfortable to carry in hands. Both the shaft and the handle sport a similar sort of pattern, which adds to the sleek appearance of the Chelsea walking cane. The Slimline Extending Chelsea Peach Floral walking cane features pink flowers the colour contrast is sensibly controlled. The playfulness of pink makes an adorable contrast with the sober, unassuming nature. A neat brass collar adds to its appeal while the strong rubber ferrule at the bottom lends it strength when walking on uneven surfaces.